Innovate with academia

Innovate with academia is an initiative by ideaken to connect innovative organizations from every continent with Asia's top 1000 academia. Whatever ways your organization currently collaborates with academia or is planning to do so in future, we at ideaken can be your partner for success.

Below are details on the modes of engagements and benefits we offer.

Modes of Engagement.

  • Innovation & Design Competition: Organizations tap into creative-cool of students and get diverse ideas for a commercial edge.
  • Open Innovation: Organizations extend your Technology Scouting and joint development initiatives to academia for a mutually beneficial transaction.
  • IP commercialization: Market assessment, Value assessment, information chart for Licensing or Sale, Locate and showcase technologies to prospects, Negotiate and Make Deals.
  • Competitive Research Funding: Get a wide range of choices to identify and allocate research funds to the right universities and the right teams based on merit and demonstrated capability in the required field.
  • Niche academic Projects: Inject realism to the Academic projects with relevant industry needs.

Have something else on mind - Ask for customized engagement.

Benefits for Organizations, Industry bodies & Governments.

  • Access Asia's top innovative academia through one channel.
  • Get diverse and fresh perspective from eager & unbiased participants.
  • Collaborate to innovate with academic talent.
  • Receive long lasting marketing & brand awareness benefits.
  • Get noticeable ROI improvement from your academic collaboration related initiatives.

Benefits for Academia, Professors, Students & Research Institutes.

  • Innovate and Research for real industry needs, thereby achieve much sought after industry linkages.
  • Showcase institute's intellectual capital.
  • Provide equal opportunity to innovative academic talent.
  • Be part of Asia's biggest and most reputed academia-industry consortium.
  • Further elevate market positioning of the Institute through innovation.