View challenge: C-3160-0102 - Design innovation for Wind Turbines, which is bird friendly.
Birds are not evolved to recognize wind turbine as a threat yet, and end up getting killed in big numbers every year by flying into the path of rotating blades. There are many technological and non technical advancement happening to reduce this issue.

We are looking for a simple design modification which can make Wind Turbines more bird friendly.

Note: Please do not submit a design or solution which is not protected at your end, only submit a proposal to indicate that you have a solution and describe the solution in brief without disclosing unprotected Intellectual Property (if any).

Some of the known methods are as below. Unless you have significant improvement suggestion, please do not submit ideas on following lines.

a) Colour of the wind turbines to make them more visible to the birds. (Being tried)

b) Placing them away from birds’ migratory paths. (Being tried)

c) Placing a net around wind turbines (Not practical enough)

d) Reducing height of the Wind Turbines. (Not practical enough)

e) Sensor that senses the bird and stops the blade rotation. (Not practical enough)

Ideally your design innovation should come from one of the following.

a) From design thinking, where by changing the structure or operation of a wind turbine, it can be made more bird friendly.

b) From a knowledge of birds and their behavior, where you can suggest a strategy combined with a change in wind Turbine installation to reduce the bird hit rate.

c) An external improvement (not part of wind turbine), where you can suggest a structure or process which can assist in reducing bird collision.
Key Expectation from the solution
Must Meet
 Must not affect the functionality of wind turbine in any manner
Must Meet
 Design Solution must work under all natural conditions
Must Meet
Good if Met
Good if Met
Good if Met
Challenge Start date: 06-Jun-13         
End date: 28-Mar-14
 In progress
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