View challenge: C-7111-0102 - How can SEAS-NVE play an active role within the area of energy optimization of public buildings?
We are looking for ideas SEAS-NVE can implement to enhance eldercare or enhance school functioning. Please note that ideas should be something an energy utility company like SEAS-NVE can provide to bring value and run it as a paid service. (Areas of interest but not limited to: New product or services in Fiber optic or LPWAN).


SEAS-NVE is one of Denmark’s largest energy groups in Denmark. - Please use Google translate to read more about SEAS-NVE here. (

The SEAS-NVE group is solidly based on four strong business areas :
Energy sale
Energy production
Energy distribution
Fiberoptic Infrastructure

SEAS-NVE Support municipalities with optimizing energy consumption and trading energy (power and gas). Read more about municipality’s Role and Responsibilities here. (

If you like more statistical information about Denmark please look here:

In brief, SEAS-NVE provides following services:

i) Products for trading electricity & gas, enables trading energy on the European energy exchanges, connecting producers to the markets.
ii) Energy screening reports which consist of energy advice for reduction of energy consumption in buildings.
iii) Energy implementing services, also leads project for municipalities.
iv) Web service call energy Database. Overview of all screening reports in municipalities.
v) App about energy consumption and benchmarking and forecast.
vi) Leasing of Out-door-lightning combined with LPWAN network
vii) Fiber optics.
viii) Charging stations for electric cars.

We believe following development might happen in next 0-3 years.

a) Municipalities are facing a challenge of increased expenses and falling income, this will continue to move in the same direction.
b) Municipalities will focus more on and spend more on high priory items by general public. Energy may not be one of them.
c) Energy saving as a “good deed” can disappear in the future due to cheap renewable energy, or because of other reasons like free energy by product sellers (ex. 3 yrs of Electricity included with new electric vehicle)
Key Expectation from the solution
Must Meet
 Idea should be submitted after reading the challenge and background thoroughly
Must Meet
 Idea should be practical to implement within 0-5 years from now
Must Meet
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Good if Met
Good if Met
Challenge Start date: 04-Apr-18         
End date: 15-May-18
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$4000 for the best selected idea