View challenge: C-7130-0103 - Effective plants stimulants
Our client is seeking effective plants stimulants to promote beneficial aspects of plants such as increased yield and nutrient use efficiency that are effective in real life conditions across soils, climates and over time.

We are looking for:-

Increasing yield and biomass
improving yield quality
Improving nutrient use efficiency
Synthetic stimulants

Our criteria:-


IP Collaboration:-

Funded research
Exclusive IP licensing
Joint development

Key Expectation from the solution
Must Meet
 Increasing yield and biomass
Must Meet
 improving yield quality
Must Meet
 Performance and Cost
Good if Met
Good if Met
Good if Met
Challenge Start date: 16-Mar-17         
End date: 23-Mar-18
 In progress
 Need attention
IP Collaboration: Funded research, Exclusive IP licensing, Joint development