Your chance to design for your Olympic hero

DSM e-nnovation contest

The contest

The idea behind this contest is simple. We're looking for sports enthusiasts, creative thinkers and designers who can create high-performance sports equipment using our award-winning Arnitel® Eco material.


This material has truly inspiring potential. In fact it's already a star. Arnitel® Eco was recently the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence in Product Innovation Award.

The prize? Tickets to the 2012 London Olympics. It's time to go for gold!
Be Inspired

Take your sports hero in mind and step in his shoes. Ask yourself questions like: What kind of challenges that he is facing? What kind of equipment is he using? What would the ideal equipment have to do for him?

Start off on the right foot and learn about Arnitel® Eco. Just what exactly is Arnitel® Eco capable of? What are its main characteristics and advantages? How could it possibly be used in the future? We recreated one of the key tools of the trade for any athlete - the training shoe - to illustrate the potential of our unique material. Simply click here for more information about Arnitel® Eco.

Let your mind wander and come up with ideas that make a difference for your hero. Feel free to come up with entirely new sporting gear ideas. There is no real limit to what you can choose to create. It is time to go for gold!
Collaborate to innovate

Looking for that creative spark? We've created a dedicated LinkedIn group to support our competitors and to help you inspire and be inspired...

You can post questions and comments to fellow competitors and DSM scientists - as well as find information on Arnitel® Eco and other key topics. Dive in!

Sign up for our LinkedIn group now. It is open to everyone and easy to enter.

You must submit your idea by 1 March 2012. However - the earlier you start collaborating with us, the more the time you will have to enlist as many people as you can to vote for your idea. So get started today...
Contest sponsor & organizers

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