Open Innovation Case Study - Food Industry

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Case Study Transcript:

Semi processed, or ready to eat food, is becoming mainstream.

Food Manufacturers are constantly looking to make the packaged food healthier & tastier, adhere to local regulations, be environment friendly, meet food transportation requirements, and, above all, offer novelty, and increase the convenience factor for the consumers.

For these manufacturers, both Growth & Survival primarily depend on Continuous Innovation.

US based fortune 500 food giant uses open innovation to accelerate their Research & Development, by collaborating with innovators from outside the company, be it academia, research institutes, individual talent, or niche small or medium enterprises.

For this particular set of technology challenges, the 3 needs were

1) Alternative to polyethylene coated paperboard for food with some free precipitive oil.

2) Solutions that would allow for direct food contact and minimize the penetration of moisture into the paperboard in the freezer.

3) Enable modified atmosphere packaging (less than x% residual oxygen) without sacrificing performance.

Note that these are abridged articulations of the actual requirements.

These challenges were posted on ideaken platform.

At the end of 4 months

1100+ innovators & SMEs from 21 Countries viewed the challenges. Given the complexity of these challenges, the client acknowledged this response as very good.

35 credible solutions received, of which 8 were short-listed by the client.

During the 4 months

ideaken provided Online infrastructure for open innovation.

Deployed locator tool – a deep web semantic search for innovators.

Tapped into a huge pool of registered innovators and technology providers on ideaken platform.

Identified and utilized the right promotional avenues.

Primary benefits delivered

Connected client with novel, diverse and applicable solution providers.

Among the 8 shortlisted solutions, client initiated Business engagements with 2 solution providers.

Client had the following commendations for ideaken.

"I am pleasantly surprised by ideaken's capability to connect us with world-class innovators spread across geographies and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the coming years. "

"We really appreciate the great ideas you have found for us. I am extremely excited about their potential."


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