Commendations for ideaken

"What science is attempting to do in a lab...this is about making the lab larger."

- Cameron Colson- RAPID RESPONSE WEED ABATEMENT, and an innovator in clean green technologies for storm water

"AWESOME, ASTOUNDING....... (for the lack of brevity, else the list goes on...). The idea itself, as well as, the way the site is organized/structured. "

- Srinivas Daroori- Program Manager at top investment banking firm. Basel Area, Switzerland

"Asia is a developing powerhouse of innovation that is of immense importance to the rest of the world. It's also one of the world's great markets for technology. is very happy to be partnering with an organization of ideaken's stature."

- Dr. Eugene Buff- Vice President of Consulting for

"Site invoke our thoughts, creativity to apply what we have learnt."

- Palaniappan- Final year student and campus co-ordinator at Narasus Sarathy Institute of Technology

"This is a great hit - I am really impressed by your network."

- Hanna Adeyema- Manager,, Inc.

"I spent several weeks researching crowdsourcing/collaborative websites and business models. Today I ran into Ideaken. com and found it very promising. First, it can be used by individuals and by enterprises; second, web site is very well designed; third, price for platform is pretty reasonable. Note: I have no relations with Ideaken."

- Dr. Valery Tsourikov- Entrepreneur at DISFA Global

"This can be the most significant step forward in collaboration that we will see in years. Many people are talking about it but you got it done in great style. The approach is very professional, and the implementation is clear, simple and objective. I’ll forward this to everybody I know."

- Marcelo Lorenzetti-Manager at ecmMax

"This is a very important evolution - one which is being embraced globally…
Two of our authors (Preiss and Logan) have published books: Collaborate to Compete; but your 'Collaborate to Innovate’ rubric is even more compelling!
In recent articles, I suggest we have reached the law of diminishing returns on competitive strategy – for all the reasons so eloquently stated in your own One Minute Concept Overview."

- Debra Amidon-Founder and CEO at ENTOVATION International Ltd


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