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General Questions


Q. What is collaborative innovation?
A. Simply put, collaborative innovation takes place when one starts to leverage unknown or unnamed sources of ideas, solutions & knowledge along with the known and named sources. And this collaboration could be at various levels, starting from personal to enterprise. Some of the sources with which one could collaborate for innovation are employees, customers, research vendors, academia, and biggest of all - the global pool of talent.

Q. Why collaborative innovation is more effective?
A. Some of the top reasons why collaborative innovation delivers more results are a) Power of many – the probability of problem-to-solution match increases many-folds when a particular challenge is shared with more talent sources b) Power of diversity – many of our solutions and sometimes even problems are biased by the similarities existing in either the people who handle these problems and create solutions, the environment or the educational or cultural background of the people. It has been found that the diversity of any nature can dramatically increase success and also bring in some refreshing change c) Pull typically gets more results than the push mechanism, collaborative innovation is based on the pull mechanism and is primarily driven by the passion of the solvers. Reward and recognition add up to make collaborative innovation far more effective than any other form of innovation for an enterprise.

Q. Why  collaborative innovation is less expensive compared to other traditional sources of innovation?
A. Primary reasons which contributes to the cost effectiveness of collaborative innovation are a) You pay only for the positive outcome b) Increasing the utilization of talent you have already paid for c) Reduce people cost by bringing in just in time talent for just the time you need it.

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Q. What kind of service offer?
A.We are primarily an inter-mediatory platform between innovation seekers and solvers.

a) If you are a believer in the power of collaborative innovation, open innovation, wisdom of crowds or co-creation and trying to figure out how you can get down to doing it, then our platform is the right choice for you.

b) If you are after increasing your enterprise innovation productivity and trying to find ways to do it then our platform could act as one of the pillars of your overall innovation operations plan.

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Q. What are the considerations for charging the customers?
A. There are two ways we charge our customers a) Facilitation fees, which is % of the reward seeker offers to solvers for successful innovation, levied only for successful innovation b) Enterprise edition fees, for using our platform exclusively for an enterprise with host of additional features.

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Q. How do I get started on seeking innovation?
A. Getting started is very straight forward. You need to submit the challenge in the predefined format and move the reward in the safe custody of ideaken. Seeker then can track the progress of the challenge using a dashboard, while volunteered solvers provide the solutions. At the end of a predefined schedule, Seeker can evaluate the various solutions received. Seeker can then reward the solver(s) in return of the solution if the expectations set forth by you are met.

Check out more details at I am a Seeker
Check out step-by-step demo at Seeker demo

Q. How do I get started on solving innovation?
A. Getting started is very straight forward. You need to Sign In and identify the challenges, which interest you, once done, you can work on the challenge using the environment we provide at your own pace but within the overall challenge schedule. Providing a solution is non obligatory. Your personal dashboard will provide access to all your work and the flow around it.

Check out more details at I am a Solver
Check out step-by-step demo at Solver demo


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Confidentiality / Intellectual property Questions

Q. My enterprise policies may not allow me to put anything related to IP on the internet.
A. You don’t really need to put the IP of your company on our platform, you need to simply put the challenge for which you still do not have the solution. Even for the challenge, there are ways to mask the confidential information while formulating the challenge (if you are not sure on how you can achieve this, then please contact us and we can assist you on the same). Secondly, the information you get back as part of solutions is only accessible to you and nobody else on the internet can see it.

Q. How do I keep the challenge confidential?
A. Our definition of confidentiality is that your challenge would be visible to only the solver base you select. Be it pre identified solvers, only the employees of the company or anybody in the universe, or even combination of one or more of these.

Q. How do I opt out of receiving workflow related emails from ?
A. The user can opt out of receiving workflow related emails from, by logging into the profile section and uncheck the box that says ‘Do not send me workflow related emails, I will check updates online at’. The change will take maximum of 24 hours to get effective. We take user privacy very seriously.

Q. Can I provide more information only after I get some solutions?
A.You need to provide the information sufficient to get the solutions, you absolutely do not need to disclose any information beyond that.

Q. Does ideaken resell patents?
A. No, we do not. Also we don’t keep any solutions on our system beyond 30 days after the completion of the challenge and the results are announced, they get deleted for good.

Q. Once I pay the reward, who owns the solution?
A. You own the solution once paid for. And to make is official we take all the terms signed up from the solver upfront.


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Security Questions

Q. Is my personal data secured?
A. Absolutely, we have the highest standards and strongly believe in user data privacy. We do not use any of our users data anywhere else apart from our site. Even on our site it is used either to provide you better experience and is not visible to other users.  To better understand this, please go through our privacy policy

Q. How often does ideaken take backup?
A. We take daily backup.

Q. What encryption ideaken uses?
A. We use 128/256 bit encryption for all critical pages like profile and reward.

SSL Certificate Authority
SSL Certificate Authority

Q. Can I as seeker/solver start a conversation with solver(s)/seeker team online or offline?
A. The ideaken platform works on the premise that the seeker team and solver(s) interact with each other, only through the ideaken platform. The platform at no point divulges any user information to the other party. The identities of the seeker team and solver are kept secret except under certain conditions(read Terms & Conditions section for the same)


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Seeker Questions

Q. Can I get help in writing a challenge?
A. Yes. You can contact us with the draft of your challenge and we can help you articulate the challenge there on.

Q. How do I modify my challenge after it is running?
A. Once online the solvers have already read the challenge, and either decided to work on it or not work on it. To make sure that some solvers do not get unfair advantage and others do not miss out, as of now we do not allow modifying the challenge definition once the challenge is running. That means that you should make sure everything is as per your need before the final approval of the challenge.

Q. Who are the typical seekers?
A. The typical seekers - anybody and everybody who has an innovation requirement.

Q. How much does it cost to seek innovation?
A. It depends on what you are seeking. The challenge which gets best responses from solvers are the ones which has a reward in some proportionate to the innovation ROI you are asking for. 

The minimum requirement for non enterprise seeker is USD 1000 as a reward for the solvers and 10% facilitation charges. For enterprise seeker, there is no minimum requirement for the reward, please Check out Editions & pricing section for more details on the charges for enterprise seeker.

Q. What if I am not happy with any of the solutions provided to me?
A. If you are not happy with the solutions provided to you, then you can close the challenge without awarding the solvers. There are no questions asked and the reward you had allocated and paid will be refunded back to you minus nominal money transfer charges. You can not use any of the solutions submitted to you in part or full if you have not accepted the same and paid for it.

Q. I am a sponsor, How do I delegate the payment for my challenge to someone in my enterprise?
A. At the time of approving the challenge, as a sponsor, you can select “pay later” in the payment option and go ahead with your challenge approval. Post the approval, you will receive the payment details via email, which you can forward to the person to whom you have delegated the task of making the payment.


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Enterprise edition Questions

Q. Can we use ideaken platform without buying the enterprise edition?
A. Yes you can. Enterprise edition provides additional features like exclusivity, you can learn more about the features at “I am an enterprise” or have a look at the “editions and pricing

Q. Why does enterprise edition consider number of employee and not number of registered user to derive the pricing?
A. Collaborative innovation is about volunteered users, it is not possible to count up front how many users would Sign up and contribute. Hence the pricing takes into consideration the extent of use and payment capability, and not the user count. 

Q. What happens to the challenge which is running when the enterprise edition expires?

A. They keep running as per their schedule, if you do not renew the enterprise edition then you could still post the challenge, but not be using the enterprise edition features.

Q. How do I buy the enterprise edition?

A. You need to contact us to know how to make a payment, post the payment the edition is enabled for you


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Solver Questions

Q. I deleted the template for the solution by mistake.
A. Below is the template text, which you can copy and paste into your solution, you might have to add the expectations from the challenge definition manually as you have deleted the same along with the template.

1. My solution brief (in max 5 sentences)


2. How key expectations are met.


Importance Key Expectations from the solution How my solution meets this expectation in max 5 sentences
Must Meet
Must Meet
Must Meet
Good if Met
Good if Met
Good if Met


3. My solution (Detailed specification to the level that seeker can appreciate and reproduce)


4. Supporting information on Experiments, References, URLs  (If applicable)


5. Conclusion and closing remarks.

Q. Who are the typical solvers?
A. You and me! Basically anybody could be a solver. Some of us have solved or are solving, others have not attempted yet.

Q. Do I need to make any commitment to become Solver?

A. No. Solving is a no obligatory and completely a voluntary act.

Q. What happens if my solution is not selected?

A. Nothing, you are notified about the same.

Q. What happens if my solution is selected?

A. You are notified about the same and the award is transferred to you as per your authorization in the rewards page in your Signed in area.

Q. I see that timeline for seeker review is over, but I have not got the update about the outcome?

A. This happens sometime, when the seeker have for some reasons not yet evaluated the solutions, we do everything possible to remind the seekers to complete the evaluation activity as per the schedule. If the timelines get over before the seeker evaluate the solutions, then we even extend the timeline for them on a case to case basis.

Q. I see that a challenge which was closed recently is again running, why is it so?

A. If the seeker did not get the solutions as per the expectations then seeker has an option to re-open the challenge. Seeker can make any changes like providing more information or changing the reward or keep everything same before re starting the challenge.

Q. Can we provide solution as a team?

A. Yes. One of you have to lead it using your user id. The team has to have a mutual understanding on the reward distribution among themselves

Q. I forgot to submit the solution before the timelines were over, what can I do now?

A. Sorry, there is nothing that can be done now. We suggest you select the check box titled “submit automatically when the timelines are over” option next time onwards.

Q. Why should I give away a solution I know to somebody else?

A. You should not, if you think you can use it for a bigger or better benefit than the award being offered.
The ideas have a very limited shelf life, it is entirely up to you to take a call when you want to utilize it. But most importantly ideas breed ideas, usually one should never hoard ideas, when you give it away, more comes your way. 

Q. Will I get the reward in my local currency?

A. We transfer USD, the same will get converted to the currency in which you hold your account

Q. How do I know that my solution is submitted to the Seeker?

A. We display the status as “Under evaluation” along your solution in your dashboard, this indicates that we have submitted your solution to the seeker.

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Did you find the answer to your question? If not, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question.