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ID:  C-5101-0101
Seeking solutions for automatic repeatability of remotely controlled stabilized camera movements
The present system designed by Piumaworld: The system is made of a dolly (running on wheels on tracks) which supports a telescopic column. Both are motor driven. The column supports a structure, called...
Reward: Partnership for business
ID:  C-5101-0102
Automation and remote technologies for filming
The system we would like to create will be able to automate the movement of a panoramic camera for filming big events. Targets: The camera video input module will be able to pre-process the video from...
Reward: Partnership in development the product
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Don Tapscott is CEO of New Paradigm
For the smart companies, the notion that you have to motivate, develop, and retain all of your best people internally is old

Don Tapscott is CEO of New Paradigm
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Did you know?
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